Mid range Safari in Tanzania

View of Kilimanjaro
Staying in a dorm bed or budget private room, eating in mostly local and some Western-style restaurants, drinking water, sodas and a few beers, using public transport and some private transport.

Includes a basic 4-day camping safari. For the safari costs, I’ve done the range from travelling completely solo (higher cost), to travelling in a group of 6 (lower cost). These are average costs and you may be quoted more or less by various safari operators. You will usually be able to find a group to join, especially if you have the time to shop around.

You can reduce the costs further by carrying your own tent, only using public transport, CouchSurfing or cooking for yourself. Without the safari and travelling frugally, you could travel on less than $50 per day, no problem. But the safari is always awesome!

Visa: $50

Accommodation: $140 – $200

Transportation: $100 – $150

Food & Drink: $150 – $200

Safari: $750 – $2,000

Activities: $280 – $425 (at the higher end is when you do the activities alone)

Total: $1,470 – $3,025 = $98 – $201 per day, per person

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