No trip to Tanzania is complete without seeing some of its wildlife, but you don’t have to go on a safari to see them. On this cycling tour, you will get to explore a game reserve in the West Kilimanjaro area on two wheels.

As you pedal along dirt red tracks, you’re likely to cross paths with many animals such as zebras, wildebeests, impala, and maybe even some giraffes. This is a wonderful and unique way to witness Africa’s wilderness in their natural habitat

Is this trip for you.

You will be spending 5 hours on the bike while riding 50 km on this day, going through different terrain with bumpy and rocky. having a good eyes sporting animals on there natural habitats make this adventure worth it. On the normal days this area is actual dry with strong sun good preparation for that must be prioritised before hand. An escort van to bring all supplies its included.

What to bring

Never under estimate anything on this day cycling padded shorts are ideal for conformability, sun screen 30+,pair of trainers or cycling shoes if you have them, sun glasses, few cash just incase you want to grab snacks on the way. We provide energetic meals with enough cold water for the entire day.

How to book this trip

Kili Footprints have good reputation for organise this trip over seven years is the right option for those who wish to meet their expectations of MTB or cycling in Tanzania with high end service. West Kilimanjaro cycling safari is one of the best and highly recommend for those with less experience with MTB.


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