what to bring on Safari-Tanzania?

We all get overwhelmed the day of our Safari, travel to Africa is everyone dream packing the right essential for this treat is what to consider the most.

Wearing clothes in layers is the most practical way to cope with fluctuating day/night temperatures and cool evenings whilst on safari. As the day warms up you can peel off another layer. Then as it begins to cool toward evening, you can put them back on. Dull and/or neutral colors are more suitable for safari, white and/or bright colours are not practical as they tend to stand out – definitely not advisable. Cotton clothing is recommended although the newer synthetic safari clothing lines are quick drying and extremely comfortable.

Here’s the “must-haves” to pack for your safari:

  1. T-shirt, shirt or blouse – long sleeves and collars help to protect from the sun and mosquitoes
  2. Fleece or warm jacket
  3. A pair of safari trousers – those that zip off at the knees are very handy, too
  4. Comfortable walking shoes (or boots) and socks
  5. Hat
  6. Bandanna or cotton scarf and a sarong (kanga, pareo, kikoi)
  7. Maybe a pair of open sports sandals for general daytime use in warmer months
  8. Swimsuit –  a number of lodges and camps have swimming pools
  9. An elegantly casual outfit for dinner at the smarter hotels
  10. Insects repellant,sun screens, sun glasses, hand sanitizer, wet wipes.
  11. And, of course, your undergarments
  12. Cash in USD must be from 2006
  13. Bring soft luggage such as a duffel bag, hiking pack or sports bag. These are ideal for packing into a safari vehicle. Hard suitcases can often be difficult to fit into the vehicles


Medication/ First aid

This is just a fancy way of saying ‘meds’ – stuff you need, just in case the worst happens: diarrhea, headaches, heartburn, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, bites (antihistamine), indigestion, sore throat (lozenges),  eye drops, and most important – anti-malarial tablets.


  1. Power bank
  2. Binocular
  3. Charging adapter

What not to pack for Africa Safari

For number of reasons these are some of the items to be on safe side better not bring them alone during the time of travel in Africa.

  1. Electric items with large power requirements like hairdryers. Most camps aren’t equipped to power such devices.
  2. Camouflage clothing or military-style outfits or accessories. They can cause trouble in some situations and big trouble in some countries.
  3. Plastic bags and single-use bottles. Frowned upon in most of East Africa, plastic bags are outright banned in Tanzania for environmental reasons.
  4. US currency printed before 2006. These older bills are simply not accepted in many places, customs included.

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